New Home, New Start 🏠

Well not blogged for a while, I have moved house so been up and down. 

Even though I have only moved from the bottom of the road to the top its still stressful but we did it, it’s not easy with 4 children lol we had to decorate the whole house before we moved in too but been in here 3 weeks now and we are settled, closer to work and my children’s school. 😃. 

I was going to go back to slimming world but I couldn’t keep on top of the routine of eating so much vegetables. My weight has stayed the same so I’m not fussed I’m going to try and not eat takeaways because that’s my downfall I order when I get back from work and we eat out at McDonald’s and cafés in the day and it’s building up so needs to stop! 

My little boy is walking now (finally)  lol so always on my feet that should help with the weight loss. This must be the first time I have been able to sit down and relax 😃(he’s asleep). 

So new house new start, I’ll be blogging more often for motivation because it’s my birthday in 3 weeks so I want to lose up to a stone in that time will be hard to get out my bad habits but I will try, I have some jeans I want to fit in ha. 

So thanks for reading. 

Donna ✌️


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