Need a change! 

Hellooo,….  not got a clue what happened, I was losing weight I was feeling good I wasn’t drinking alcohol and then BOOM! I put on 5lb maybe more, I weighed in a week ago, and I have a little drink now and again which don’t help my weight loss. I don’t go gym or been getting much exercise lately and my children were off school for 2 weeks they went back Monday but can’t seem to get in a routine I’m struggling I don’t want to go slimming world as Iv put on but I’m finding it hard to get back on plan. 

I have some things to look forward to, my little boy turns one in 13 days I can’t believe how fast that as gone and also 3 and a half weeks after that my little girl turns six so all up in the air at the moment, my twin boys we be going to Spain at the end of may with there grandparents first time abroad for them I’m worried about that but got to let them go lol. 

I need to do a lot of planning to stop feeling so stressed and sort my eating out and maybe try add exercise into it. Will blog more often for motivation as I havnt been on here for a month or so. 

Ooh and I am getting a little kitten soon so hopefully a bit of distraction from life lol will be a white little fluff ball me and my daughter have chose names she wants pee wee and angle but I just like pee wee lol so think I’ll stick with that. Look out for my new kitty blogs in a few weeks the kitten is only 5 weeks old at the moment, so I can’t have him/her yet. 

That’s enough of me having a rant to destress lol I will blog later if I have time before work. 

Thanks for reading. 

Donna ✌️. 


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