My day! 🌈

Bit of a slow day today, kids went off to school, came home had my breakfast of a light toffee yogurt, followed by a plum. For lunch me and Jay went up town and had some food at a cafe I had jacket potato cheese and beans and he had a chicken and bacon panini. 

I had a cup of tea also. 

Last night I used my slow cooker, I brought it a few weeks ago. I put a gammon joint in it with water and salt, left it for 24 hours on low. When I got it out it just flaked off in the tongs 😱lol. 

I made slimming world chips too and had poached eggs and vegetables. 

It was nice. 

I’ll post a blog with the pulled Pork recipe later too. 

I did my measurements and I have lost 1 off my arm and stayed the same with the majority of them so I don’t see the point in updating you with that. 

Slimming world later for my weigh in, I’m looking forward to it as I have tried a lot more this week. 

Thanks for reading 

Donna ✌️


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