Off the wagon.. On the wagon!.. 🤔

Hello, been a while since the last blog post. 

Since then I have had a few things going on. On Friday the 17th it was St Patricks day and also a customers birthday in the pub so she put on a spread of food so I had some of that so that day was going down hill, I then got given some curry and had a bit of that. That was Friday done.! Then Saturday, me and my daughter went to go and see beauty and the beast.. I had pop corn. Went to work and didn’t eat that good either. On Sunday the pub had a baby shower and the food they had on was really good I just had to have some, then cake, then a bit more food and last of all I was eating black jack sweets all night. And Monday night me and Jay had a takeaway! Tuesday came around which was weigh in day 🙈.. Was not looking forward to it but I only put on 1 lb which is not bad at all. Iv been doing really well this week with my eating apart from yesterday and today I had a few more mothers day chocolates than I meant to also a takeaway last night but today I’m on track Iv had a couple of chocolates but in my syns. Looking forward to be weighed tomorrow I have got high hopes that I lost the pound I put on plus the half I need for my award. 

We have had nice weather also but feel too big still to wear my shorts so will give that a miss. 

My bathroom got painted today to brighten it up a bit and I brought a new mirror too. 

When I went to the cinema with my daughter we recorded our journey and after a bit of editing done by Jay we uploaded it to YouTube and created a channel for her its called What Kyra Thinks. Have a look and will be doing more video to see what Kyra thinks of toys, movies and games. 

Also I got told I look like I lost a stone from a regular who has been on holiday for a few weeks so it boosts me up a bit. 

Will do a measurements blog maybe Wednesday. I will be blogging tomorrow for an update on my weigh in. 

Until then

Thanks for reading. 

Donna ✌️


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