Another loss yesterday ! πŸ™ˆ

Hello, didn’t have time this week to cook much and blog but I got weighed yesterday and I have lost 3 and a half pound πŸ™‹πŸ˜€ so that makes me happy I have lost 5 and a half now so far. 

I also won slimmer of the week. 

This week I am going to try and cook more,  I did a Homity pie last night after I got home, I’m going to have eggs on toast for lunch and put a jacket potato in the oven to take to work for dinner. I’ll make over night oats too for breakfast tomorrow and add fruit to it, maybe eggs again for lunch I’m liking my poached eggs at the moment. 

I have gave up alcohol for the lent period. As I am not a believer in any religion I am doing it for my own health and wellbeing I havnt had any alcohol for a week now and I have to go till the 13th of April (correct me if I’m wrong) but even after that I probably won’t have one as I am not a big drinker it’s the odd one I have now and again that could affect my weight loss. 

The gym got cancelled and I went for a jog last Wednesday for 15 minutes wasn’t that bad but havnt had the motivation to run again, the weather was quite nice (still cold ish but sunny) so I went for a walk around the park with my little one for an hour or so. 

I think I am losing inches because my jeans that didn’t fit me last week now fit me lol, I’ll do another measurement blog when I do that to update 😊. 

I think that is it so thanks for reading. 

Donna ✌️


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