Yayy I lost!! 🤗

I did well for my first week I lost 2lbs. Woop, it’s a start I worked out if I lose 2lb every week it will take 14 weeks to reach my goal I can do it so will see next week. My plan is to eat as much protein as I can eggs,  chicken🍗,  tuna,  etc and  lot more fruit and veg I’m not a fan of berries apart from strawberries  🍓 so I need to try them again and see how they go with my meals. Bigger lunch and bigger dinners (will be a struggle with work) but will try and cook more in bulk as it worked last week with the Spaghetti bolognese. 

Tonight is my treat night so watching a film with a takeaway (I’ll have a healthy ish option lol) and chocolate 🍫, popcorn 🍿, and Crisps 😀. Back on it tomorrow I have made overnight oats with my 40g of Porridge oats and a vanilla Muller Light yogurt I will add a plum 🍑, pear 🍐, and orange🍊 to it then will decide lunch after and make or plan my dinner for work. 

These are my slimming world Pancakes I made. (took a quick picture). 3.5 syns I had one with a bit of golden syrup and sweetener, should of had fruit but I ate it quickly lol. 

I will post a blog in the week with a recipe maybe. 

Thanks for reading 

Donna ✌️. 


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