It happened! 

I actually made it to slimming world!!… 

And I havnt put on since my last weigh in at the gym woop.  So I set my target 🎯 to lose 2 stone I’m hoping by the summer but will have to see, I already havnt eaten yet today when I should have had breakfast and lunch but I can’t go shopping till tomorrow. Might do new measurements for the next blog. 

Iv had a cold these past 3 days and my son has also got a cold and conjunctivitis so got a doctors appointment at 4 then work after it.  Still the school holidays and the weather not been great to entertain 4 kids lol but hopefully going to a fun house (gokidzgo)  on Friday which I will not be having a Burger 🍔 lol. If my other half don’t come (jay)  then I’ll be fine if he eats one then I want one lol. Tomorrow I’m going shopping to get some food for slimming world, need to get into a routine now n start bulk cooking 🍳 for work. 

Still thinking of not going back to the gym but you get awards on slimming world for doing some exercise so I could go and do a lot of running lol 🏃. Will think about that one. 

Thanks for reading 

Donna ✌️. 


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