Stopping gym….  For now! 

Hey guys havnt blogged for a while, I am going to be stopping the gym until Iv lost abit of weight because I’m putting the muscle on instead of losing weight. Plus I go with a friend and as I don’t go on my own she can’t always make it so I don’t go.  I then wanted to go with my other half but we have a 9 month old so hard to get a regular baby sitter. 

So I thought I might just go to slimming world instead,  my friend went when I was pregnant she was around my weight and she is now 8 stone 4 and still losing I don’t want to be that thin but 9 stone would make me happy. Might go tonight depending on timing and money. I have a book that someone from work gave me but it’s not the same you need the motivation of other people and get recipes and ideas to try out, so I’m going to try and go tonight. Will check back in later if I go 😊. 

Thanks for reading. 

Donna ✌️ 


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