A loss Woop! 🤗 

13 days ago I weighed myself and I was 11st 12lb so I had put on a pound in 3 weeks and I weighed myself again today and I have lost 3lb (woop)  so I am 11st 9lb now. 

On my way to the gym today I checked my app and there was a class on in 10 minutes so I thought I would do it.  Pure spin it was and I havnt done that class since before I was pregnant 2015 but I enjoyed it and booked in for another one.  I went on to the rower after the class and did the 500m 1 minute rest twice. I went on the weights then and did 3 sets of 10 on the bicep curl and triceps,  then 100 ab crunches, and last of all did some more bies and tries on the cable machine. 

I don’t know how I lost weight but I’m not complaining lol. 

It’s hard to lose weight and get in a routine it felt easy for me last time, I had time I had a routine but now it seems so much harder,  my daily routine is a bit random when I need to be more productive with my time,  I start work at 4-11-12ish or later on weekends as I work in a pub and I dont take food with me and I snack on crisps etc so I need to focus and start being productive.  So losing 3lb with give me a boost to lose more I hope my next weigh in is the same or even better 😊. 

Thanks for reading, follow me and I will follow back 🤗👍. 

Also check my YouTube. I will be posting more videos soon but thanks for watching. 

Donna. ✌️ 


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