(YouTube channel) Bit of a change-one off blog!! 

Hey,  I do also like gaming I don’t play a lot so can’t call myself a gamer but my partner is,  he is setting up a YouTube channel,  also has twitch and twitter.  I will put links below.  

The channel is going to consist of play throughs,  first hours of game,  betas,  demos, alphas, and even the odd fifa 17 match with his x box friends. 

His name on X box is manik89. 

The YouTube channel is called The Insignificant Gamers.  But he has not uploaded a video yet. But watch this space 👀. 

The Twitch name is https://www.twitch.tv/theinsignificantgamers

The Twitter name is https://mobile.twitter.com/TheInsigGamers

Will be much appreciated if people could share this,  follow the pages and like share retweet the posts on Twitter, Comment on twitch and thumbs up 👍 and subscribe on YouTube. 

Thank you

Donna ✌️


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