Back to the gym… Been a while! 

So…  Back to the gym💪 tonight it’s been a while 2015 September before I found out I was pregnant.  
I weighed myself yesterday too and I am 11st and 11lb,  I have put on 5lb since the 2nd of November. My goal is 9st 10lb, I dont have a set date but ASAP really. 


Arm: 12″

Belly: 44″

Waist: 33″

Boobs: 37.5″

Bum: 41″

Leg: 25.5″

My diet is going ok Iv had a few treats 🙈but tried to stay healthy,  need to get back into it and get ideas and new recipes to try out with. Not sure weather I want to go back to slimming world as I know what to eat as Iv been there before so will be just paying for the motivation. 

I also want to try raspberry 🍓keytones again I couldn’t remember how much I lost on those anybody else tried them? 

Thanks for reading and I will blog soon.  😀

Donna ✌️x


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