Hey there! 

I’m new to this blogging life so don’t know where to start…?! 

Start with my name I guess..  

I’m Donna, I’m 27 from Wolverhampton UK 🇬🇧. I have a family of 6 including me.  My fiancé Jay and my 4 children.  

Reason for a blog…! 🤔

I want to lose weight and need some motivation,  I lost some before so I know I can again but it took me too long last time as I kept giving up.  This time it won’t.  My current weight is 11 half nearly 12 but before I had my last child in 2015 I was 9 and a half so that’s my goal. 

I will be going to the gym, swimming  and slimming world and I’m also using my fitness pal as extra motivation. 

Next blog and up coming future blogs will be first gym sessions and slimming world updates and real weight and measurements, also may do some recipes etc. 

Thanks for reading and hope you follow me through my journey to get to my goal. 

✌️ Donna xx


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