Holiday begins

School holiday begins tomorrow the twins are booked on to there sports day got the be there for 8am so up at 6.30 in the morning, they then finish at 6pm so hopefully they have a good day. Me, jay, kyra and oliver are going swimming and then for a meal. There are slides and […]

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Decorating and mom life!

Before I started the blog back up I was in the process of moving house and decorating. Well since then I moved like 2 weeks after living in that one. Iv been in my new home now 8 months and we only just started decorating and getting carpet down and buy new things it’s a […]

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No burgers….. what!!?!.

Started lent today, and it was Valentine’s day so happy Valentine’s. And happy pancake day for Tuesday. I have decided to give up alcohol and burgers for lent, I don’t drink much but fancy a break from it and to challenge myself to do it. The burger side of it is to be healthy I […]

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Trying again!!

Second time at writing my blog. I need some will power and motivation, I have none and put on a lot more weight than I wanted to. My partner is happy with the way I look so makes me feel better. I was only a stone heavier than I wanted to be after my last […]

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New Home, New Start 🏠

Well not blogged for a while, I have moved house so been up and down.  Even though I have only moved from the bottom of the road to the top its still stressful but we did it, it’s not easy with 4 children lol we had to decorate the whole house before we moved in […]

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Need a change! 

Hellooo,….  not got a clue what happened, I was losing weight I was feeling good I wasn’t drinking alcohol and then BOOM! I put on 5lb maybe more, I weighed in a week ago, and I have a little drink now and again which don’t help my weight loss. I don’t go gym or been […]

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Homemade pulled Pork! 

Good afternoon.  I made pulled Pork in the slow cooker and left it for nearly 24 hours, it just fell apart. You only have to Syn the bbq sauce and use fry light too instead of the oil.  ​Ingredients: 1 teaspoon vegetable oil/fry light  1 (1.8kg) pork shoulder 230ml barbeque sauce 120ml apple cider vinegar […]

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My day! 🌈

Bit of a slow day today, kids went off to school, came home had my breakfast of a light toffee yogurt, followed by a plum. For lunch me and Jay went up town and had some food at a cafe I had jacket potato cheese and beans and he had a chicken and bacon panini.  […]

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